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Mobile & Auto Detailing Services in Houston & Surrounding Areas.

We wash, shampoo, buff, and wax with our full detailing for all of the above. We also do car, boat, and heavy equipment shows. Our teams specialize in decal and sticker removal for all vehicles and 18-wheelers. We also do shampooing and full detail for 18-wheelers. Sticker removal can include small door stickers to full vehicle wraps. We provide the lost art of dependable, high quality detailing at the best value possible. From mobile car detailing to mobile boats detailing, we've got you covered. Clean Car, Boat and RV'S Detailing in Houston and 100 miles nearby. Our advanced expertise of clear-coated automotive finishes, as well as classic single stage finishes, is a combination that can’t be beat. We even clean overspray, oxidation, and gashes from your car. If people have been painting near your car, we can even remove the fine paint spray from your vehicle.

Our detailing services are available for a variety of vehicle shows such as cars, boats, RV'S and 7 passenger airplanes.

Car Detailing

Auto Detailing includes thoroughly cleaning, restoring, polishing, and protecting the exterior and interior surfaces of an automobile. Our customers benefit from our professional knowledge and understanding of every aspect of their car's finish, and our consistent care before and after service brings them back year after year. Our state of the art equipment is expertly used to produce the very best results. We stay at the forefront of detailing technology by utilizing cutting-edge products, and we are the only shop in Texas that offers custom wax formulated specifically for each vehicle.

Boat Detailing

For boat detailing we do one-step (using pure wax or a cleaner wax), two-step (using compound first and then wax) to remove any light oxidation, or for best results, a three step process (numerous passes of heavy and lite compounds, and a wax). We also assess the level of oxidation on the gel coat, the quality and thickness of the gel coat and then determine which custom wax and/or compound mix will give us the best results.

7 Passenger Airplane Detailing

Our on demand trip ready service will ensure that your airplane is looking great for the next flight. All exterior surfaces are wiped down and lightly cleaned. The interior is vacuumed, trash removed, all surfaces including seating are wiped down, galley cleaned and sanitized, interior items are organized and the cabin entry is detailed.
Our wet washing technique insures that the entire exterior of the airplane is completely clean and free of debris. The airplane is dry and spot free when complete. Service recommended for airplane that have been exposed to harsh or corrosive conditions, like saltwater areas. Regular exterior wax applications will not only keep you airplane looking great and protect your paint, but it will also extend the life of the paint greatly. All of our waxes are airplane approved and silicone free.