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Want your residential or commercial area to look colorful and classy! Then yes you are at right place

As per our point of view, there must be a match between your interior appearance and feeling of home with exterior appearance and feeling of your home. It depicts that it is significant to have consistency while presenting your home and lifestyle of your family to others. Your visitors will probably get confused due to having inconsistency in presentation of overall character of your home. There is a need of balancing your improvement funds available at home depending on the big picture. Take some time to plan for bringing improvements in interior and exterior painting at your home.

Protecting Your Furniture

Earthly Matters will move and protect all furniture in order to provide an ample working area. If applicable, furniture will be covered with plastic to protect it from sanding dust, paint, caulking, etc. When our work is complete, we will replace all furniture back to its original position.

Protecting Your Flooring

Earthly Matters will take all necessary precautions to protect flooring (carpet, hardware, linoleum, and tile) from sanding dust, paint, caulking, etc. Flooring in work areas will be protected with rosin paper, plastic, or drop cloths.

Filling Nail Holes / Minor Sheetrock / Imperfections

Our standard procedure is to fill all nail holes from pictures, artwork, etc. If you prefer not to fill nail holes, please let us know. Also, minor sheetrock imperfections (dents and dings) will be filled and sanded and “nail pops” will be repaired. We have the ability and resources to replace/repair major sheetrock work (large holes, buckling sheetrock due to settling, sheetrock tape separation, etc.) but will be considered additional work and will require additional cost.

Wallpaper Removal / Painting

Earthly Matters can either remove wallpaper prior to painting, or we can paint over the wallpaper. Your estimator can explain this option in more detail.

Paint / Sheen / Color

If, at the time the estimate is given, the homeowner has not finalized paint colors, the estimate will be based on information gathered up to that point. If, after the estimate is given, the color selections and/or sheen are different from the original estimate, there could be an additional cost. Keep in mind that imperfections in ceilings, walls, and trim become more visible with deeper colors and higher sheens.

Commercial Pressure Washing

Our company also provides best quality commercial professional painting services to our customers. Customers can enjoy these services at affordable prices. We ensure the use of high-tech equipment for handling large as well as small commercial painting projects. We have a team of expert and trained painters who can guarantee quality work. We provide different commercial services like interior and exterior painting, faux finishes, drywall repairs and ceiling texture paint and spray. Moreover, we can also provide free estimate on your upcoming commercial painting project.